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icon-reviewsUPDATE – We are currently sold out of all program coaching & mastermind slots.

In the meantime, for those of you who haven’t been able to get into the program, I want to unveil to you something that we’re very proud of.

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This guide is about how to hedge your retirement with precious metals against this global economic turmoil.

Each and every member of our mastermind and coaching program has used this guide to their advantage to pin point the most trustworthy and reliable gold IRA company in the market.


In sum, what you’ll find inside is a thorough explanation of how this industry works and an in depth review of the most famous precious metals IRA companies done personally by me, Steve Smith.

Let me give you a brief overview of what this guide is all about…

  • Five common pitfalls associated with precious metals IRA companies and how to avoid them. (It’s invaluable knowledge to avoid being ripped off by bad companies)
  • Our “Acid Test” (The seven characteristics that any precious metals IRA company must meet)
  • The Four Questions you must ask any precious metals IRA company before choosing one. (It’s very important to know what you must ask them to know if there are hidden costs or bad surprises.)
  • And, our recommended precious metals IRA company (This is the precious metals IRA company that we chose to work with and that our most successful mastermind members insist on working with above all others.)


After reading the first three sections you’ll understand why we chose the company we recommend.

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I would also like to remember you that this guide is part of a coaching program for which fellow members are paying $7,897 lifetime payment.

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Hope you find our guide and recommendations to hedge your retirement helpful and valuable.

But before we get to that – here is something else to keep in mind:

All Information and knowledge that lie in this guide are worthless unless you take action upon it.

Frankly, if you read the guide and you don’t at least call our recommended precious metals IRA company to discuss your options then the time spent in reading or learning about it will be useless.

By the way, this is a little nugget of our philosophy inside the program coaching and mastermind that I wanted to share with you too.

In truth, we’re a group of doers who learn and execute what we learn.

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How To Hedge Your Retirement With Precious Metals

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Reviews Of The Top Gold IRA Companies

Advice To People Who Want To Rollover Their IRA Or 401k To A Gold Or Silver IRA

Steve SmithLast Updated: Thursday, August 27, 2015
From the Desk of: Steve Smith
Location: Provo, United States

I researched most of the Gold IRA Companies in the US in the quest for finding the most reliable and trustworthy company to secure my hard-earned money against the current economic climate. (Everything I learnt is in here)


Some Of The Results Our Readers Have Enjoyed Described In
Their Own Words…

marla-snyder-testimonialThank you for your recommendation to Regal Assets. I worked with Charles Thorngren (who is a sales reps at Regal Assets) and he, along with his associates, were very thorough in keeping me abreast of what was happening as it took my bank a while to get my money to them. Their effort to keep in contact with me helped me build confidence in them. I am happy the transaction is complete because “gold is good!” :)

Marla Snyder – Morro Bay, California

Dear Investor,

Welcome to GoldIraForInvestors.com. I’ve laid out here everything I learnt rolling over my IRA to precious metals in order for you to make a well-informed decision too.

The biggest problem when it comes to deciding which Precious Metals IRA Company to choose is that there are tons of physical gold IRA or silver IRA companies in the market.

The tricky part is to know which company is the best and most reliable company for you and your interests.

In this quest, you have to find out which companies are trustworthy and which ones are not. (And as you will discover in a second, this is not an easy task when your own money is at play.)

When I was ready and decided that rolling over my IRA to a gold IRA was the best thing I could do with my money to assure my retirement, I set out on a journey to find out in which company to deposit my hard-earned life savings.

Everything I learnt as I went through the whole process of finding the most reputable precious metals IRA company is now shared in here (All my experience and knowledge I’ve been gathering and updating.)

So, How To Choose The Best Company?

If you want to firmly secure your retirement or investment and not lose any sleep over a bad decision, then I highly recommend you learn how this industry works before choosing any gold IRA company.

These are the four things you should know before choosing one:


But Why Have I published This Website And How Can It Help You Enjoy A Golden Retirement?

I’ve published this “SAMPLER” to introduce you to some hidden truths about precious metals IRA investing that nobody’s ever told you about before.

What you are about to discover is the very same insider information that we have recently been discussing inside our private Gold Mastermind & Coaching Program.

So what have we been discussing behind closed doors?

Gold And Silver IRA Companies… And How To Pick The Right One And Avoid Getting Scammed & Swindled

Yes, we’ve been discussing how to swerve the sharks and pin point the best and most reputable companies to entrust with our life savings.

Be assured the information on this website has already helped hundreds of people make the right financial decision. You can be next to benefit by following in their footsteps and by taking advantage of this “protect-your-savings” information.

Plus what if I told you that these hidden truths revealed on this website have recently been featured in many local and industry newspaper and periodicals from coast to coast. Here are to name but a few:

I Have Been Featured On:

  • NBC
  • ABC
  • Fox 42 News
  • Boston.com
  • The Miami Herald
  • The Boston Globe
  • Newsday.com
  • Newsobserver.com

I could list more but I think you get the picture.

Trust me if you apply what I’m going to share with you then you will be able to successfully hedge your retirement and life savings from being wiped out by this global economic storm and by shady investment companies.

So that’s why you must…

Take Control Of Your Retirement

It’s your highest priority and the information laid out in here will help you do just that. How will it do it? It will do it by walking you through a simple selection process (the whole selection process is below this text) that will help you keep your money safe, secure and firmly in your own pocket… Not someone else’s…

This Selection Process Took Me Months And Months Of Time Consuming Pain Staking Research

It’s true, and all Gold IRA companies where scrutinized, analyzed and no stone was left unturned.

What I discovered was only introduced to those on the inside.

You see I simplified and condensed the research into a private and confidential report called:

“The Best Strategies To Hedge Your Retirement”

This was then released into the Member’s Area of our Gold Mastermind Group. By the way the price tag to get allowed into this select mastermind group was $7,897.00 per person.

I say “was” because the response was so overwhelming that all the mastermind & coaching program slots we offered completely … SOLD OUT…. within a month!

However even though the Gold Mastermind & Coaching Program doors are firmly shut we have decided to release our best rated guide from inside the private program.

Why Are We Releasing It From The Inside?

Simply put, it’s to give you a taste of what’s going on inside our mastermind. Fortunately the doors won’t be locked forever and you are most welcome to apply to be let in when we open the doors in the future.

(Just in case you are interested in it, there is an application forms in this website to do so)

But in the meantime the information we’ve leaked out helps you guard your nest egg from egg eating snakes and watch it from above like a hawk.

So, let’s get into the meat of it…


Do You Ask These Questions To Gold IRA Companies?

There are four smart questions you should ask any precious metals IRA company before choosing one. The following four questions are the most important ones you must always ask when you call any company…

Question 1: IRA Set-up and Storage Fees?

You must know that gold or silver IRA companies usually, but not always, charge two different annual fees:

  • Administration fees (including the set-up fees of the first year)
  • Storage fees

After that, you have to know that these fees can be of two different types: Flat Fees & Scaled Fees.

Accounts with scaled fees can incur bills of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees over 10 to 20 years.

Advice Ask about exact administration fees and exact storage fees. Ask them to break down for you all the fees you have to pay along the way of your contract with them

Oftentimes you are offered a flat fee, but after adding funds to your IRA and surpassing a certain threshold you begin to pay a scaled fee, which can cost you thousands of dollars over a long period of time. Again, request a detailed scheme of all the fees before going any further.

Recommendation! After doing the math with lots of friends and myself included, I would always recommend going with a company with flat annual fees for both storage AND administration.

There are companies that even pay your first year’s administration fee as well. Keep reading and find out what I found in my quest of finding a reliable gold IRA company.

Question 2: The Ease Of Liquidating Your Gold IRA Account (Buyback Program)?

Make sure that the gold ira company has a Buyback Program Always ask if the company offers a gold or silver coin buyback program.

Find out what happens when you want to sell back your precious metals (what value would you get in return?).

To discern which company is going to help you buy at the best price and help you liquidate your assets when you are ready, for it is difficult to measure…

Nevertheless, I’ve dived into the ratings on consumer-focused sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), TrustLink, and the Business Consumer Alliance to find out which are the most responsive and trustworthy companies to deal with according to the past experiences of clients.

Recommendation Make sure you choose a company with a good reputation and without red flags on rating services focused on consumer satisfaction such as the consumer-focused sites mentioned above. Even though drawing conclusions from these sites and from the huge amount of information that they contain could be a nightmare, I've done the hard work for you and I've found out which companies have red flags and which companies are doing great with their customers.

I’ll tell you my results below, but before I do, let me explain to you the third question you must ask them to know if they are the best fit for you.

Question 3: How Will Your Metals Be Stored?

When you move a normal retirement account to a gold IRA account, you could store the gold in a custodial storage (which I highly recommend for safe’s and tax’s sake) or you could order to ship it to your house.

However, you have to know how gold or silver IRA companies manage it and what you sign with them before compromising your hard-earned savings when you store your gold in a custodial storage.

You Must Know There are two ways by which custodial storage firms store your gold or silver. The type of storage could be commingled storage or segregated storage.

Segregated storage is the type of storage in which a storage firm keeps a client’s precious metals assets apart from other precious metals assets held by other investors. Traditionally, the assets are held in an individual storage box or vault depending on the size of the investment of each client.

Unlike segregated storage, commingled storage is a risky way to store your gold or silver in a custodial storage because your precious metals get commingled with the metals from other companies and so they can be damaged with lower-quality items that share the same storage space as your precious metals.


Advice! Be clear about the type of storage that a company is offering you from the beginning of the deal. Even more important is to ask them straightaway how much they would quote you for every type of storage. Be cautious about it. Some companies don’t specify very clearly the way and the price of storing your metals. Others only offer commingled storage for your metals (but if you ask them, they won’t be clear with you about this matter).

(You can suppose that here’s when the surprises and extra charges come in.)

If they are not clear about this point, follow your gut feeling and don’t do deals with them. (You mustn’t risk your life savings with a company that you don’t trust!)

Recommendation Go with a company that offers you segregated storage and is clear about the terms, conditions and charges regarding storage.  I DON’T ever recommend you to get commingled storage for both gold and silver by any means. If you want to keep your metals safe and secure and free from damage, you would have to go for segregated storage, which will give you peace of mind over the years you hold this asset and free you of potential hassles and problems in the future with your precious metals.


Question 4: Bullion or Rare Coins: Which Type of Precious Metal To Choose?

Before we go any further, you must know that the only three precious metals that are acceptable for IRAs are gold, silver and platinum.

The most common type of investment on precious metals is through gold bullion and rare or collectible coins. Both bullion coins and rare coins have their own cons and pros. However, the most important thing for you is to know how the game is played by some gold IRA companies regarding the type of precious metal that they offer you.

Here’s what you have to be aware of…:

Advice If you feel at any given time that the company is being too pushy in trying to sell you a particular type of coin or a particular type of precious metal over others, be suspicious about that company and its reasons. You could end up paying a higher price for following its advice.   Similarly, if the company is promoting some kind of precious metal at a discount, be on your guard. It could be a bait-and-switch tactic. (There are tons of reviews out there from people who felt ripped off by companies using these kinds of tactics.)

ira in gold: ScamsSome companies buy huge amounts of particular precious metals to sell them with bigger margins and make higher profits on them. Definitely, these types of gold IRA companies are not looking after your interests but simply trying to get your money in their pocket.

How do you spot these kinds of companies and not fall into their traps?

Proceed with extreme caution with companies that offer, for instance, bullions coins at a discount to draw you in as a new client. These companies, normally, get clients at a loss in order for them to make later profits selling you products that have higher margins for them. Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch. You will pay for it sooner or later. And you normally will pay extra charges if you pay it later.

Five Common Pitfalls Associated With Gold IRA Companies – Which You Must Avoid At All Costs?

Now that you know where to look and what to ask precious metals IRA companies you can sieve through them all to find the best most trustworthy company to invest your money with. Kind of like panning for gold. Anyway I want to let you know the five most common pitfalls associated with precious metals IRA companies.

I assure you that to know these five pitfalls in this industry will help you avoid lots of future trouble and sleepless nights.

The 5 Most Common Pitfalls You May Come Across In A Gold IRA Company

-> Pitfall #1 You will find companies with a wide variety of fee structures ranging from companies with a flat fee to companies with obscure fee structures in which you will be charged extra money after surpassing a certain threshold. Don’t hesitate to ask for a detailed breakdown of all the fees (present and future).

-> Pitfall #2 Companies without buyback programs that hinder you from liquidating your assets further down the road.

-> Pitfall #3 Companies in which customer service is practically non-existent after you purchase or which use very aggressive sales tactics.

-> Pitfall #4 Companies which are not clear about their ways of storing your gold in custodial storages or don’t tell you precisely the future charges for the storage of your gold.

-> Pitfall #5 Companies in which their sales representatives recommend you to buy precious metals that have higher margins for them, to your detriment.

If you are serious about rolling over your IRA to precious metals, you would have to painstakingly call each company and do your own research before making a decision.

phone precious metals ira companiesAfter all, we are speaking about your hard-earned money, perhaps your entire life savings.

And to be honest, that is what I did before rolling over my IRA to gold: call every company, talk with their sales representatives and take notes and compare with the rest of the companies, taking into account all the criteria you were told above.

It took me about two and half months to do this thorough research. As the time went by, friends of mine that are in the same situation as I am began to ask me for advice and for the most reliable gold IRA company and how I have come to that conclusion.

Well, this site is the result. My friends were so grateful with me for sharing my knowledge and my research that I thought I could help even more people in the same situation.

So, here is a table in which I describe the most important features of the companies that I’m asked about more frequently. I update this table frequently just in case you could benefit from this at the same level as my friends did.

BCA Rating
BBB Rating
IRA Annual Fee
Our Review
1 complaint
0 Complaints
456 Reviews
(No Fee 1st Year)
Regal Assets Review855-407-5167
heritage gold group
0 Complaints
1 complaint
70 Reviews
Heritage Gold Group Review855-465-3472
0 complaints
0 complaints
13 reviews
Fortress Gold Group Review800-777-6177
54 complaints
No Rating
686 Reviews
Merit Gold Review800-968-0851


Which Is My Recommended Gold IRA Company?

Regal Assets – Call them to discuss your options at 1-855-407-5167

After calling all the gold IRA companies in the US market and speaking with their account representatives, I have to say that the one that called my attention for their style of walking you through and answering all your questions clearly was Regal Assets.

Unlike other gold IRA companies I talked to, RA didn’t seem to be pushy trying to close the sale or trying to sell a specific type of coin.

regal-assets-incMoreover, one thing that you will much appreciate is that they guide you through the precious metals investment process (even before you purchase anything!). They will assist you from the first time you call them and you are put in contact with one of their account representatives. You will be assigned an account rep, whom you can call or email from that time forward.

It is amazing how much you can learn if you speak to professional and earnest people.

The_2013_Investment_Guide-Forbes-3I also highly recommend you request Regal Assets “Free Gold Investment Kit”. I found it to be very informative and packed full of top class content. Plus, included in your kit is a copy of “The 2013 Investment Guide” by Forbes magazine. Make sure you read the article in there about the importance of protecting your retirement account with precious metals.

This year the importance of hedging your retirement is more urgent than ever before.

I had already done my own research and set up an account with Regal Assets before I’d even seen this article. But I have to tell you it was very reassuring to see Forbes magazine personally recommending Regal Assets and giving them their seal of approval. I have made sure to include here a copy of the article for you so you can see for yourself.

So, click on the following link if you want to read The 2013 Investment Guide” Article by Forbes magazine.

Apart from all the aforementioned facts, what really made me decide to go with Regal Assets were the following four facts:
–  Trustworthy Business Practices


Regal Assets ranked as No. 20 in United States for financial services as Inc. Magazine unveils 32nd annual 500 list.


BBB: Rating of A+, 0 complaints since March 2013 (read more on the BBB)
TrustlinkTrustLink: Based on 455 Reviews (TrustLink page)


Business Consumer Alliance: AAA Rating, only 1 complaint in the last 3 years (see BCA report)

Very few companies in financial services are rated as high as Real Assets is which shows the high level of trustworthiness of the company in the market.
The Safest Storage For Your Investment
Regal Assets only use segregated storage for all their clients and for all types of precious metals. Most companies only offer commingled storage (higher risk of damaging your metals) for your silver and they offer segregated storage for your gold, mostly at a higher rate than RA does.
Flat Administration Fees Against Scaled Fee Charged By Competitors
I can tell you that I had a hard time trying to decipher the fee scheme of some of the IRA gold companies I contacted.

However, Regal Assets has a simple and easy fee schedule.

The total cost of your storage and administration fee is $250 a year (without surprises in the future), regardless of the amount of money you roll over. But actually, the first year you don’t pay anything, so the first year is on them.

Whilst most competitors charge you setup, administration, storage and delivery of metals at a scaling rate, Regal Assets will not charge you any of these fees the first year and after that they will charge the flat fee mentioned.
Fastest and Most Efficient System to Process Your Requests
RA has developed a whole system to assist its clients electronically. They do everything electronically as opposed to the majority of precious metal companies, which continue mailing you all the paperwork to be signed by you by hand.

The whole process in the rest of the gold IRA companies can take up to 2 months from the moment you are interested in investing in gold IRA to the point of time in which your metals are properly stored in a storage.
sand-clock-4Everything begins when they send you via regular mail the gold IRA setup form. When they receive the form filled in by you, a worker fills in the paperwork and “Fedexes” it back to you. At this point in time, one and half months could have passed (not to mention the time needed for sending your precious metals to a custodial storage).

At the opposite side is Regal Assets, which does everything electronically. You click the mouse five or six times to do the paperwork and sign everything electronically, and then everything is emailed back to you.

The fastest time they have done everything from the beginning to fund available is 24 business hours!

The same goes for transferring requested funds from a custodian. You can have your fund back in your pocket in a matter of 48 business hours.

Still have questions? I highly recommend you to just give Regal Assets a call and see if they are the right fit for you.

Call them to discuss your options at: 1-855-407-5167

Official Website:  http://www.RegalWealth.Org

Extra info:

–   See Testimonials

–   Request your Free Gold Investor Kit Here

–   Or visit them online at: http://www.RegalWealth.Org


Here Are The Top 7 Criteria YOU Should Review Before You Choose Your Right Company:
My Acid Test

So far, I’ve told you what to ask precious metals IRA companies on the phone to filter out bad ones, the five most common pitfalls associated with this type of company, my own thorough research and in which company I chose to invest my money.

The last thing I want to share with you is how I chose Regal Assets over the other companies (just in case you want to go through the whole process on your own).

Knowing how this industry works (I already told you), I came up with seven characteristics that a precious metals IRA company should have and offer in order for me to feel assured by the company and the money invested.

Sleeping well at night is one of the most valuable things for me. Knowing that your life savings or that hard-earned money may go down the drain is a nightmare that you, like me, cannot permit by any means.

I put every precious metals IRA company to my acid test (the seven characteristics that any company must meet). If any company I was researching flunked any of my seven criteria then I discarded that company as an option. As a matter of fact, the only company that met all the criteria at the end of my acid test was Regal Assets.

Now listen up:

This is something that I want you to do now. I want you to call them to know more about precious metals IRA rollover and discuss your options at 1-855-407-5167. You’ll learn by talking to them more than by doing anything else.

Official Website: http://www.RegalWealth.Org

Warning: Do NOT Choose Any Gold IRA Company Unless It Meets These 7 Criteria

So, this is my “acid test” (the seven criteria) I used whilst I was gathering all the information before choosing Regal Assets.

#1 Criteria – Past Customer Experiences And Reviews

The first thing I did was to head over to check the ratings and reviews on consumer-focused sites such as Better Business Bureau (BBB), Business Consumer Alliance and Trustlink.

Delving into these review sites I began to realize how so-called big companies are actually delivering poor customer service to their clients.

pushy_salesperson2Reviewing the complaints lodged against them, I realized that the problems were always the same:

Pushy sales representatives trying to sell you a specific type of coin (higher margins, remember?), low-quality coins (deceptive marketing), and inefficient delivery from which it can take up to 2 months to have your own funds available (I discovered that the majority of gold IRA companies still use mail as a means to do the paperwork).

And last but not least, these reviews were filled with unhappy customers who have been charged unexpected fees. Some of these clients felt really ripped off.

If I were you, I would never put my savings and hard-earned money in a company like the ones mentioned above.

#2 Criteria – My Experience With The Customer Service Of Every Gold IRA Company

After reading the nightmare that some previous customers had to go through, I was very cautious about certain gold IRA companies. In either case, I followed my gut feeling and I called them all to experience how they actually treated their customers.

For me, it is very important to have a responsive and professional staff that addresses my doubts and is honest with my money and the terms of our contract.

Even though this information is backed up by consumer-focused sites in which Regal Assets is the company with the least complaints and most positive reviews, I have to say that I was amazed at seeing how far ahead this company is in regards to the rest of gold IRA companies.

Their treatment toward me was outstanding in every aspect. They took the time to educate me in gold IRA and gold investing, answered all my questions and were very clear about all the conditions, terms and fees. I didn’t feel any pressure to purchase at any given time.

Indeed, they lived up to the expectations set on the aforementioned review sites.

#3 Criteria – Are They Biased Toward Some Particular Coin?

When a company begins to suggest you buy a particular type of coin, be suspicious. It is a tactic documented in a lot of negative reviews on consumer-focused sites.

Some companies try to gain higher margins against your own interest. Just discard the companies that try to use this tactic on you.

#4 Criteria – What Are The IRA Fees You Are Going To Pay: Flat or Scaled?

Do the math for yourself. My own experience when I do the math is that scaled fees cost you much more money in the long run than flat fees do.

I would always go with a company that breaks the fees schedule down for me. If possible, I would also always go with a company that charges me flat fees instead of obscure scaled fees.

#5 Criteria – Segregated Or Commingled Storage For Your Precious Metals?

I don’t know about you, but I always want to be on the safe side when it comes to the protection of my money and the savings of my entire life.

Commingled storage means the risk of having your metals damaged by other metals of other clients, since you are going to share the same space with them.

Go for a company that allows you to have your metals safety stored in a segregated storage. By the way, the fees of Regal Assets in that regard are cheaper than the commingled storage fees of most gold IRA companies. (Plus, RA works with one of the most reputable custodial storages (Brinks) in the country.)

#6 Criteria – Efficiency – Setup Time, Delivery and Liquidation

You have to take into account how efficiently a gold IRA company processes your orders and how long it takes for them to do so.

Be warned that most of the gold IRA companies still have archaic systems and still use mail to process all the paperwork. Therefore, if you want to liquidate your assets, you will usually have to wait more than two months to have them back in your possession.

The differences of time among gold IRA companies regarding setup, delivery and liquidation times can be huge.

Regal Assets has worked on building an electronic system, which none of its competitors have, in order to deliver more efficient services to its clients.

It takes 48 business hours for Regal Assets to setup an IRA account, and 1 to 4 months to set up the same IRA account in the rest of competitors.

Regal Assets offers programs that compensate you if they don’t deliver on time; this is proof of reliability and fast services.

An instance of this is that if you buy gold, silver or platinum coins for delivery to your home, they give a 7-day delivery guarantee (which none of its competitors has). They offer a free 1 oz. Silver American Eagle free of charge if they miss the deadline of 7 days.

#7 Criteria – Allocated vs Non Allocated Storage

You must always look for a gold IRA company that offers you an allocated storage for your precious metals.

What allocated storage means is that your precious metals are considered yours and they are not owned by the company that is holding and keeping them.

Otherwise, if you sign a contract with a gold IRA company under a non-allocated storage, then the metals would be consider to be owned by custodial storage. (And this is not the best scenario if, for example, the custodial storage goes under.)

Be sure that your storage contract is stipulated a clause stating the allocated storage of your precious metals. If not, the holding company is legally allowed to modify or allocate your precious metals, which is not an ideal thing from our investor point of view.

Talk to the gold IRA companies and clear up all these things. I did that. The company that offered me the most comprehensive conditions was Regal Assets, which, in turn, offers allocated storage by default.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or comments, as I am always keen to chat with fellow investors.

I highly recommend you to visit the website of Regal Assets by clicking here, call them to discuss your options at 1-855-407-5167, or request your free gold investor kit here. This kit is a very good starting point to know more about them and how to invest in gold (very educational and insightful information).

–  Steve “The Precious Metal IRA Specialist” Smith



P.S. It’s not a secret that inflation is out of control.

In fact, the secret of today’s most successful billionaire money managers such as Thomas Kaplan, John Paulson, David Einhorn, Seth Klarman, Jim Rogers or Central Banks like the China’s Central Bank is to buy Gold like crazy.

Want proof?

    gold eagle coin

  • Thomas Kaplan (over $2 billion invested in gold)
  • John Paulson (over $4.6 billion invested in gold)
  • David Einhorn ($560 million net worth)
  • Seth Klarman (over $1 billion invested in gold)
  • Jim Rogers (net worth of $300 million)

The reality with this is that anything paper-based, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc… are all going to feel the effects of inflation. Therefore, none of these options are safe because they’re not backed by anything real.

worn out dollar noteThe sooner you understand that the safest investment in uncertain times is gold, the sooner you start saving and hedging your retirement on gold against this unpredictable financial climate.

If you, like me, cannot stomach the risk of losing your hard-earned money and see how your retirement vanishes in the short and long-term, then I recommend you to take a smarter investment approach as soon as possible.

The most solid financial strategy you can nowadays take advantage of is to use a trustworthy precious metals (gold or silver) IRA company.

Frankly, a qualified precious metal IRA company is the best vehicle I’ve found to hedge your retirement against this current global economic turmoil.

I’ve collected in here some of the best financial advice about how to choose and deal with Gold IRA Companies.

So, you are more than ready for calling them to discuss your options.

You can call some of these companies to get the pulse on how they work or you can call directly to our top recommended gold IRA Company that met all the criteria I’ve already explained to you in this page.

Still have questions? I highly recommend you to just give the top recommended gold IRA company, Regal Assets, a call and see if they are the right fit for you.

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